a day in the life.

coming home.

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sitting, staring: broken, empty, alone.
sand sat around, eyeing me and this pain.
judging me, just laughing. heartache known.
waves crashing, and yelling, driving me insane.
standing carefully and inhaling salt,
turning to leave, tears in my eyes-he came.
holding tightly to me, i felt no fault.
soft lips kissing me and whispering my name
my knees unsteady, hair messy, wind blowing,
a perfect moment, perfect day and night.
he showed up for me, believing in us, knowing.
we belong together, unable to fight
it. shock flowed through me, love following it.
walking away, holding hands-the right fit.

i hate following rules, this was nearly impossible for me to write. i dont even know if it is right, im just glad its over with. poetry i enjoy writing. but poetry with guidelines, too difficult for me.

through thick and thin she will always be my friend.

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“Through thick and thin she will always be my friend.” That’s what he used to say about Emma. But now, he only says it about Kate. The only thing Emma knew how to do was make mistakes so it really wasn’t a shock to us when she fucked up so bad, she drove away the only guy she ever loved. What was shocking, was the fact he was able to let her go. He broke up with her after the lies surfaced, but she must have really screwed up this time for the world’s nicest guy to completely cut her out of his life. It took almost four months for him to actually like Kate, a coworker, but I think that’s a lie. He possibly liked her for a little while before actually saying anything. Conveniently, Kate’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. So when Emma begged for him back that day, for a second chance, for anything- he simply told her he had another girl. He was done saving Em, done trying to pretend she was better and different than she used to be. Months dragged on for Emma. I used to see her around every now and then, we’d get a drink and laugh off our regrets. But come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from her. And I hope shes okay. As for him, well him and Kate are “dating.” Which is stupid. I hear they kiss and hold hands and do relationship type things like go away for the weekend together. But it’s probably a good thing they aren’t official. He said, “She’s sweeter than all the girls, and I’ve met quite a few.” If Emma heard this she’d probably jump off a bridge. Like I said, it wasn’t crazy she screwed up her life. It was just crazy they couldn’t work out whatever happened, we just assumed they’d get married. I assumed a lot about them, I guess love doesn’t conquer all.

I decided I’d write a little tiny creative nonfiction thing because I don’t usually. And it connects to The Beatles song chosen for this blog. I also don’t know if I even like it since I wrote it so fast and whatnot. But life happens.

anothergirl thebeatles

and in her eyes you see nothing.

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bigger fan of the sad songs rather than the fast, upbeat ones. Maybe it’s the dark and twisty side of me that always prevails but I don’t know why. I read somewhere, “Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.” It’s impossible to deny the truth behind this no matter how much I try. To put this into Beatles songs wasn’t very difficult, but I took a different approach to it. I try to be so clever with my blog titles, use the lyrics that describe me best. For this post I decided on a lyric that unfortunately fits me well, but it’s a from a love song. A brokenhearted man sings of the love he lost, about the girl who left and a love they lost. “For No One” by The Beatles isn’t about a lost soul inside a messy girl. It’s a girl that broke some guy’s heart. But does it matter? Either way, you see nothing in her eyes.

fornoone thebeatles

I do a lot of volunteer work and a lot of fundraising along with it. My main organizations are The American Cancer Society and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In regards to cancer, I participate in the Relay for Life, usually held in June. It’s an overnight event raising money for all cancers. This past June, I also participated in an overnight for Out of the Darkness for suicide, an event that changes cities each year to spread awareness. Suicide takes more than 36,000 people each year. On October 23, I will be walking for Out of the Darkness again. I’m going to post the link if anyone wants to donate to my name, or walk themselves. It’s a cause that can affect us all or someone we know at any moment. The darkness is hard to deny but it doesn’t have any answers, don’t let it consume you or someone you love. A little hope really does go a long way.


I didn’t mean to make this blog depressing, I swear I’m not always like this. I’m going to put a hopeful, lovely song from The Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun.”

herecomesthesun thebeatles

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

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Wikipedia told me “A kaleidoscope is a circle of mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off the mirrors.”
In class it was mentioned the word “I” and the word “eye” sound the same and are connected because the I uses their eyes to perceive the world. My kaleidoscope eyes let me see the colorful patterns of the world. I am a half empty kind of person. I have the darkness always takes away the light and when it rains, it pours kind of attitude. But I can also appreciate the moments that take my breath away, like Ireland’s forty shades of green. These eyes have seen suffering and pain, but they have seen marvelous sights.
I chose this specific lyric to describe myself because I truly believe everyone interprets and perceives things differently. When I hear “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” I vividly see the song played out in my mind. If you haven’t caught on by now, I use The Beatles as a key reference in my life. Each song touches my life somehow. I use this song with this lyric to explain how I see the world and how imagination is a good tool to use.

lucyintheskywithdiamonds thebeatles

I’m embarrassed about reading things out loud so I decided to put what I wrote about my favorite place on here. So if it’s read, that’s cool and if not, that’s cool too..
We rise and fall almost simultaneously, me dragging behind as in most things we do together. I am wrapped in the warmth of his strong arms, feeling his hot breath on my forehead. I hear his generous heart pound deep in his chest, making mine race along side his. My head nuzzles deeper into his shoulder, inhaling his aroma, his love. I open one eye slowly and peek at him. He even wears a half smile in his sleep and that makes me smile, something I don’t do often or genuinely. I place a hand on his tan neck just because I can and knowing we have nowhere to be this morning relieves me. He faintly snores, which I enjoy because silence and thoughts are a dangerous combination. But once it gets too loud, I simply tell him and through his sleep he stops to please me. The pressure of his body against mine secures me. I never want to move, ever. When I am in this place, it’s much easier for me to sleep. Life’s problems don’t seem so big all of a sudden and the faded happiness reenters me. I almost never dream when we’re together and if I do, it’s only the good. He protects me from my own subconscious and the nightmares it brings. Time leaps forward when we are cocooned together under the covers. I wake up to feel his lips pressed against my head, cheeks, arms, and neck. Like a loyal creature, he wakes me up with compassion. Any other person in the world I would have been furious with, but not him and not now. We stay, he entrapped in the bed and me entrapped in him, for as long as we can, hours sometimes. Moments are never wasted here.

lend me an ear and i’ll sing you a song.

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Simply enough, my name is Erin Kenny. I call myself a very plain and simple person, or at least I pretend to be, and that’s the way I like it. I try to be easy-going and seek pleasure in the little things in life. One of the little things that make my day is hearing a great song on the radio. I am a classic rock junkie and quite often listen to one radio station, q104.3. Almost every song that is played I can name the band and title and I love them all. But I do have a favorite band as do most music lovers. The Beatles. I’m a big fan. Them and their music mean the world to me. So please, do use both a favor and stop reading this now if you have any negative thoughts about the men I love.

By writing about this theme, I get to talk about something and some people I love. I didn’t really know what I was going to write about, or what to even begin searching for, but I think The Beatles are my best bet. On July 19, 2009, I was lucky enough to see Sir Paul McCartney open up the new Citi Field. I was even luckier when his good friend Billy Joel sang a song with him. I’ve seen a lot of great musicians play and I’ve heard a lot of famous songs sung, but Paul’s concert was probably the best show I have ever been to and will remain my favorite. Though Paul is not my favorite Beatle, it is hard to admit that because I do love them all in their own ways. I used to pretend Ringo Starr was my number one but only because he had a funky name, my mom loved him most, and he penned “Octopus’ Garden.” I was disappointed when he was not mentioned at Paul’s concert but life happens and sometimes it sucks. Paul did do an amazing tribute to his dear friend George Harrison by playing the ukulele and the song “Something” which George wrote. He also had a video montage going of him and his friends in their younger days and it was actually amazing. For John Lennon, who is usually my favorite Beatle but ties with George, he put a black background with a white peace sign and sang “Give Peace a Chance.” It was really all the remembrance he needed to give to his departed companion, it truly said it all.

As shown here, Paul is still thriving, throwing concerts left and right and turning them into giant parties of great music, good beer, and even better friends. He said, “I get by with a little help from my friends” and forty-one years after they split up, he still recognizes them and honors them in the same way. They left quite the impression on each other, which left quite the impression on me.

withalittlehelpfrommyfriends thebeatles

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