a day in the life.

poster on the wall.

Posted in Uncategorized by erin on the October 27, 2011

four men. stare at her.
watch her, see her when
no one else can.
bruised. bleeding. broken.
they see her, in her darkest
hour. they judge her.
naked and alone.
piles of clothes everywhere.
beautiful and simple topography
stands in her way. she
alone must get herself to the
other side. the corner of
novels, short stories, poems from
legends. from her.
they shaped her, sculpted
her carefully into the person
she is today. a much better
person. she fell in love
and opened her heart
fully. he held on tight
and she couldn’t find her
way. she ruined it.
now she’s a new person.
four men watch a transformation.

darkness dances.

Posted in Uncategorized by erin on the October 21, 2011

woods all around, fear consuming me.
darkness, the only thing in sight.
leaning on cold concrete, waiting.
there it is- the moon shines
through, sending some hope.
reading the stone, my name.
blood on my hands.
the hole they’ll place me in.
thought i was ready to go.
maybe they’ll let me stay,
a little while longer.
wind whips through me now,
trees sway in anger
dancing around, judging.
tears crawl down my pale cheeks.
i’ve disappeared.

study < love

Posted in Uncategorized by erin on the October 13, 2011

i should be studying.
studying for a class i shouldnt need to take.
take music, im an english major.
major changes occurring in life.
life doesnt stop for anybody.
anybody can write a poem.
poems hold the wonder of it all.
all the stars still arent as bright as your smile.
smile and wink, i feel you in my soul.
soul mates. marry me?

i love love poems. to write them, to read them- anything about them. but im just not feeling it right now. so this is what i have.

coming home.

Posted in Uncategorized by erin on the October 9, 2011

sitting, staring: broken, empty, alone.
sand sat around, eyeing me and this pain.
judging me, just laughing. heartache known.
waves crashing, and yelling, driving me insane.
standing carefully and inhaling salt,
turning to leave, tears in my eyes-he came.
holding tightly to me, i felt no fault.
soft lips kissing me and whispering my name
my knees unsteady, hair messy, wind blowing,
a perfect moment, perfect day and night.
he showed up for me, believing in us, knowing.
we belong together, unable to fight
it. shock flowed through me, love following it.
walking away, holding hands-the right fit.

i hate following rules, this was nearly impossible for me to write. i dont even know if it is right, im just glad its over with. poetry i enjoy writing. but poetry with guidelines, too difficult for me.

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